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Railway Communications, Signalling, SCADA & Systems Engineering Services

Engineering, Project Engineering & Project Management


Multidiscipline, capacity expansions, change of process, HR changes, relocations, new processes, strategic planning, capital equipment sourcing, construction communications services, inspections, contractor surveillance.



Carrier Services, Fibre & copper Bearer Systems, PDH, SDH, IP, structured cabling, Emergency/Help/Information Telephones, Trackside Telephones, Tunnel Telephones, PABX, IP Telephony, WAN/LAN Networks, Satellite Telephones,
Satellite Bearers, Camp Communications, Construction Communications, Pit and Pipe, Serial and Instrumentation communications,.



Communications Shelters/Buildings/Enclosures, Radio Licencing, Radio Licence Audits, Licencing Databases, System Design, Private Mobile Radio, Radio Repeaters, Broadcast Radio (TV/FM), Construction Communications,
Crane Control Systems, Microwave Bearers, Data links, Radio-telephone links, Voice Recorders, Truck dispatch systems, Tunnel communications, Man down systems, radio consoles, Radio Poles, Radio Masts, Radio Towers.


Site Layouts, Pit and Pipe, Power Systems AC/DC, Solar, Telemetry, Loco On-board Systems,
Interfaces to Loadout and Train Unloader/Dumper.
Train Control and other control rooms.

Asset Protection (DED, HBD, HWD), Condition Monitoring WILD, Rail Bearing Acoustic Monitor, Wheel Profiling, Video Imaging, AEI Tag Readers and Weighbridge Systems.

SCADA/Control Systems:

Station SCADA, Tunnel SCADA, Traction Power SCADA, Building SCADA, PLC Monitoring and Control, Telemetry, HMI, MIMIC Panel, Fire Monitoring Systems, Fire Indication Panels.

Control Rooms.


Power and Protection:

DC Power Systems, UPS, Solar, Generator, Hybrid Systems, Changeover systems, Earthing, Lightning protection, switchboards, general electrical.


Station Services: SCADA, CCTV, Public Address, Long Line PA, Fire Systems, Communications, Communications Rooms, Passenger Information Systems, Transit Guard Booths, Emergency/Help/Information Telephones, ticketing,
fare gates, electrical distribution, lighting, emergency lighting, escalator monitoring, lift monitoring and telephony, disabled toilet monitoring, bore pump and sewage pump monitoring.


Maintenance planning, fault finding, parts sourcing, equipment standardisation, advice, repair procedures, operation/user procedures, drawings, Communications OHS.



Entertainment systems.

Emergency Services Communications.

Railway Communications, Signalling, SCADA & Systems Engineering Services
Engineering, Project Engineering & Project Management


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